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AquaKing Q4003 submersible


Specs: Hose 25/30, male thread 1 ", 7000 l / h, 8 mwk, 400 Watt.

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Aqua King Submersible pump with side. Max. 7000 liters per hour.

400 watt motor power. 230 volt / 50 Hz
Hose 25/30 mm and 1 'thread.
Max. 7000 liters per hour.
Max. 8 mwc (0.8 atm pressure.)
Max. 5 mm free passage.
10 meter rubber cable H05-RNF. 3 x 0.75 mm.

What and how many pieces you can connect?

500 pieces Capillary 0.8 x 3.2mm
300 pieces DCS pressure valve 2L (blue - print for six MWC)
200 pieces DCS pressure valve 3L (brown - Pressure six MWC)
150 pieces DCS pressure valve 4L (green - for pressure 6 mwc)
75 pieces DCS pressure valve 8L (red - for pressure 6 mwc)
5 meter PVC pipe 32 mm with kaspensproeier

The Aquaking Q4003 is a heavy-duty pump that moves a phenomenal 7000 litres of water per hour. That's over 116 litres every minute, approaching 2 litres per second! The Aquaking Q4003 pump draws liquid in through its underside and drives it out through an outlet point with an external diameter of 45mm. An adapter fits onto this outlet point which reduces the outlet size to a 30mm. And on to that adapter, a click-fit connector can be screwed on to facilitate the quick and easy connection and disconnection of 13mm and 25mm (inner diameter) piping – two standard sizes in many hydroponic and nutrient delivery systems.

The Aquaking Q4003 pump was designed and built with robustness as a priority, as its primary use is for dealing with flooded basements and cellars. Follow the guidelines in the manual and you can be assured of its consistency and reliability.

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