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Cli-mate manufactures exclusively in-house and strives for the best quality. Created by certified personnel and using only quality materials and components.

The Cli-mate automatic dimmers
Climate control KC2011-T Series is a temperature-controlled plug and play electronic continuously variable analog speed control. These Cli-mate dimmers have a built-in temperature controller. By using a remote sensor, 2 jacks on the side of the controller and are completely maintenance free. The analogue control makes operating these dimmers easy. 

The Cli-mate Frequency Controllers
These hum-free inverters are easy to connect, as they are plug & play. The Cli-mate Inverter is an innovative player in the field of climate control. These frequency controllers are electronic variable speed controller with a temperature sensor, which controls flowing speed of an electric motor. 

The Cli-mate mini controllers
These mini controllers are complete controllers made for the control of lamps and climate control. Due to  the plug & play method of connecting and the analog interface they are very easy to understand and therefore easy to use. Of course, the mini controller as all other products of Cli-mate feature only quality materials and components. 

The Cli-mate multi-controllers
The multi-controllers of the MC series of Cli-mate are temperature controlled, electronic variable speed controllers. with 4 integrated terminals and two temperature sensors mounted on the MC series automatically manages all of your indoor climate. Multi-controllers are especially suited for AC motors and easily adjustable due to the easy-to-grasp interface. Connecting is also a piece of cake because the multi-controllers are fully plug and play.

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