Plagron growth medium

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Plagron has a wide assortment of substrates, nutritions and additives. The brand is easy to use and with that a great nutrition for beginners. All nutrition of Plagron aren't high concentrated and make for a high harvest with a nice taste and a pleasant odor. Plagron has seperated the substrates, basic nutrition and additives into five categories. This way you can easily apply the right grow supplies on your grow techniques and comine them:

-100% natural (green label)
-100% terra (pink label)

-100% coco (orange label)

-100% hydro (blue label)

-universal (purple label)

So if you want to grow biological, then you can choose for the 100% natural category. As substrate for example Plagron Promix or Allmix combined with Alga Grow and Algo Bloom as basic nutrition. An outstanding organic fertilizer to enhance the taste and smell is the Plagron Batmix. Do you want to grow using soil, then you can use Plagron Lightmix or Plagron Growmix as substrate and combine this with Terra Grow and Terra Bloom as basic nutrition. To enhance your substrate you could use the universal additives Plagron Megaworm to stimulate the soil organisms and Bat Guano to enhance the smell and taste even more.