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Dimlux is part of the best brands when it comes to lighting, and is with a variety of different gadgets expandable to create and maintain an optimal growroom. Dimlux equals quality, they reach the highest reflections. The electric ballasts don't get anywhere near as warm as the normal ballasts and by using the Dimlux Maxi Controller perfectly combinable with a temperature sensor, humidity sensor or even with a co2 sensor.

Dimlux Xtreme Series Electronic Ballast

The Dimlux Extreme Series electronic ballast is a electronic ballast that works almost soundless and doesn't get anywhere nearly as warm as the old and trusted ballasts.
Due to the overdrive technique (lumen boost) they reach the highest outputs out of all 400/600 watt ballasts, besides this they're easy infinitely variable dimmable with both a 400W and 600W bulb. The outside of the Dimlux is coated with clearly visable LED lights which show if the ballast is on or on stand-by or if it has a malfunction. With the build in processor that keeps the connection between the bulb en the ballast in check the risk of fire is taken away completely. In case of bad contact or short circuit it won't keep restarting, but instead turn the ballast off and show the fitting errorcode.

The Dimlux electronic ballast also increases the electronic power supply. For example, it will automatically increase an 220V power supply to a 230V. This gives a more stable and higher light output.

Dimlux Alpha Optics

The Dimlux Alpha Optics is one of the best, if not the best reflector on the market today. Due to their special coating and design they reach, according to the SBC (Single Bounce Clear Sight), a reflection of a whopping 98%!
The Alpha Optics have adjustable side reflectors, this makes the overlapping between the reflectors optimal and wall loss at a minimum. Due to the design of the open reflector your lamp is being cooled passively, this effects the lifetime and the effect of the light/reflector positively. It's also possible to extract warm air through the Alpha Optic, this will cause the temperature to drop noticably and make the temperature in your room even more controllable.

Dimlux Expert serie

The Dimlux The Dimlux expert series combines the best of 2 worlds, it consists out of the Dimlux Xtreme Serie electronic ballast and the Alpha Optic reflector. This is available in 600W and 1000W.
Together they create a complete armature that makes almost no noise, is continuously adjustable and has the highest reflection percentage of 98%.


Furthermore Dimlux offers the option to work with their Nanotube system. The technology is incorporated in the Alpha Optic reflector. You have the option to get the complete Expert series armature with Nanotube but you can also get the Alpha Optic with Nanotube technologie and connect this with the electronic ballast you already own.
Due to the technology in the Nanotube you will have an active supply of cold air and an active extraction of warm air. This should help drop the temperature in the room significantly, which makes it ideal for usage in a co2 setting. The temperature of the lamp that usually goes into the room can lower up to 70 degrees this way, of course this also has a positive effect on the reflection and lifetime of the reflector and bulb. As a result the temperature in your grow room can decrease at least 5 degrees, which also causes your extractors and airconditioning to work less hard and use less power.

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