Canna Terra

Canna Terra nutrition

A complete line of products made to grow with soil is the Canna Terra line. This plant nutrition ensures the vegetables, fruit and fast growing plants get what they need. The plants can be in a pot or full soil and are capable of being inside as well as outside. The Canna Terra product line consists of:

Grow nutrients: Terra Vega
Bloom nutrients: Terra Flores
Substrate germination: Terra SeedmixSubstrate growing: Terra Professional and Terra Professional Plus

For the growing phase Canna Terra Vega offers the right nutrients and for the bloom phase Canna Terra Flores is great. With these Canna Terra products your plants will get the needed nutrients for a great final result.

On this page you'll find a variety of different amounts of the Canna Terra product line and a Canna Terra Starterspack, making sure you are supplied with a high quality starters kit. This Terra starterspack from Canna consists of 1 liter Terra Flores, 1 liter Terra Vega, 500 ml Canazym, 500 ml PK 13-14, 250 ml Rhizotonic and 250 ml Cannaboost.

Terra nutrition can be used with various kinds of potting soil. To get a good complete mix you can use Terra Seedmix and Terra Professional (plus). These substrates are findable under the header CANNA GROW MEDIUMs.

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