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Canna Additives

Canna has various additives to offer the growing process a helping hand. Canna additives do not replace the basic nutrition but instead can be used with them to enhance specific points in the growing process.

These additives prevent problems and enhance the current situation to get a nice final result. Rhizotonic supports the roots when they're vunerable, for instance when the plant is repotted. Rhizotonic also supports the grow of the roots. Canna PK 13-14 stimulates the fructification due to containing phosphorus and potassium, this encourages the plant to flourish. The blooming phase will be even better if you follow up with Cannaboost Accelerator for the flowering time. The plants will get extra energy and this will allow them to give better flowers and fruits. Cannzym is used to clear the plant remains from the soil. This will make sure you won't find any problems due to mold or rot. By using theAkTRIvator the rootsystem will be protected against pathogens.

In case you are suffering plagues like spider mites, aphids, whitefly, fungus or mildew, then CannaCure is what you need. Canna Cure makes sure the plague doesn't spread but instead dies. Because Canna Cure is a non-toxic product it can be used as a prevention method by spraying this onto your plants once a week. It even contains nutrients to enhance the resistance of the plant and keep the leaves healthy and clean.

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