Canna growth mediums

Canna has years of experience and also worked with other players on this market to bring you the best products. Because of this Canna has a lot of knowledge when it comes to cultivation. The perfect combination of a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm leads to an assortment of quality products.

At Online Top Garden we offer the whole product line of Canna substrates for the best prices. Canna Terra Professional and Canna Terra Professional Plus are both qualitatively high substrates. Professional plus is pre-fertilized, because of this you will have to do less in the first few weeks. Both of the substrates can be perfectly combined with the Canna Terra product line. An additive that causes the harvest and quality to be improved is Canna Boost.

Take your time to see which Canna substrate fits your needs. Did you find the right substrate, then you can easily put these in your shopping cart and order them. Need some more information about different kinds of substrates? Don't hesitate and contact us, our experts are always glad to help out.