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At Online Top Garden we have a big assortment of potting soil of verious A-quality brands. Wether you are looking for fertilized or not fertilized soil, at Online Top Garden has selected a variety of potting soil! Potting soil is a mixture of  peat litter and garden peat. These days there are a few alternatives for potting soil such as cocos, mapito and rockwool slabs. Below you will find a overview of the most sold potting soil.


Light-mix is composed with carefully selected types of peat. there are different sorts of fiber types added to keep the airiness and oxygen level optimal. Only very little amount of nutrients are added to this potting soil mix, this makes light-mix ideal for having your own input to the fertilizer. Light-mix is a light potting soil for gardeneers that want optimal control on the grow and blow process by using liquid nutrition. Light-mix potting soil is also available with added perlite. An example of a manufacturer of this light-mix potting soil is Plagron.