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The Mammoth pro growtents are a very strong line of growtents. We offer the Mammoth Pro and the Mammoth Elite tents in an as wide as possible variety of sizes.

The Mammoth Pro growtents come in 15 different sizes. The new Mammoth growtent corners are 3 times stronger than than the previous growtents from Mammoth. The Material used for the 210D canvas is 2.5 to 3 times more durable and stronger than the previous series of tents that Mammoth has. Now with extra entrances and exits for thing like cooltubes or airconditioning systems. Because of the use of a Mylar inside the Mammoth Pro growtents have a light reflection of 95% and an improved light blocking from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2. at the zoom cover better stitches are used for all in and outlets. This gives a better seal to keep light out of the Mammoth growtent. All Mammoth Darkroom tents are equipped with a removable waterproof container (190D material 10cm) and steel tubes of  Ø 15.9 mm / thinkness 0.7 mm. All mammoth growtents have 2 tubes to hang filters or lights on and are equipped with an Anti Copy SJ logo in mylar. Every Mammoth Pro growtent has in and outlets for ventilation and electricity cables. At the bottom of the tent are vents that you can open or close with velcro. The Mammoth Pro growtents are delivered with a 2 year warranty.

Is the Mammoth Pro the growtent for you?

There are many different sizes in the Mammoth growtent series. See for yourself which Mammoth growtent fits your needs best. Whichever Mammoth growtent you choose, you won't come to regret it and you will also find all pro's that we talked about in the section above. Order your Mammoth growtent today and profit of those pro's.