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PRO-XL has compiled a unique range of nutrients. The range of nutrients is complete and offers you exactly what you need to achieve the best cultivation results. The basic range is very simple.
For starters, PRO-XL has “PRO Start” (starter booster, root stimulator. This takes care of optimal root development. PRO-XL also developed a unique “growth food” which offers an extremely complete range of nutrients, giving the plant all it needs in the growing phase. PRO-XL has developed a unique “flowering food” for the transition towards flowering. This ensures optimal flower and growth tip formation. In the flowering phase, one can also add the components: “Quick Boost” and “Flora Exploder”. Ideal if you want to achieve optimal growth results. PRO-XL developed “Grow Control” in order to control the height of the plants. 
The plant will always have the required format and rapid flower formation after spraying with this product. To combat diseases, PRO-XL presents “KILL V”. This product is suitable for use against red spider mites and thrips. PRO-XL obviously also has many other products, such as: PRO Enzymes, PRO Clean, Iron (FE), Magnesium (MG), Nitrogen (N), Ph- and Ph+. The PRO-XL Cocos all-mix is complete with all the nutrients necessary in the initial stage of cultivation. The chance of undernourishment is therefore greatly reduced. PRO-XL also has a light-mix in its range. This is for growers cultivating in soil and who want to use a good substrate. 
Because of the complete composition of the nutrients, this is also perfect for CO2 cultivation! In short, an ideal range of nutrients bringing your cultivation results to new heights!

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