Plagron 100% Bio

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Plagron's 100% Biological, Natural Plagine Nutrition line is designed for use on Earth and is called Plagron 100% Natural. The basis of this nutrition, as previously read, consists entirely of natural ingredients. The 100% Natural series consists of a range of products each with their own special features namely:

- Plagron Alga Grow (Available in 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liters)
- Plagron Alga Bloom (Available in 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liters)
- Plagron Lemon Kick (Available in 1 liter)
- Plagron Batmix (50 liters)
- Plagron Allmix (50 liters)
- Plagron Promix (50 liters)
- Plagron Royalmix (50 liters)
- Plagron Top Grow Box Alga (Alga Grow 100ml, Alga Bloom 1liter, Power Roots 100ml, White Race 100ml, Green Sensation 100ml)

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