PH-and EC-meters

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You know what they say, you have to measure something to know. And with these PH and EC measure tools you can do exactly that. With these tools you can measure the acidity of your nutrition water and enhance the amount of nutrition your plants absorb. Under normal circumstances it shows the balance between complete H2O molecules and electric charged ions. If there's too much H+ ions, we call the soil acid. If there's too much OH- ions, then the soil is called alkaline. The acidity of the soil is very important for the growth of your plants. In a natural situation the acidity is never even. Rainfall, drought and seasons all have their effect on the acidity. Besides this the type of soil and the composition also effects the pH, the acidity.

Measuring pH is very important for your plants

Every kind of plant feels best at home within a certain pH range. If the soil is too acid or too alkaline problems can occur with the grow of the plant. With soil that's too acid the plant will have a hard time absorbing important elements like nitrogen, phosphor, megnesium. If the soil is too alkaline the plant will suffer shortage of iron, copper and zinc. So measuring and keeping the pH of the soil on certain times or continiously is a good thing to do. A lot of problems are preventable if you measure well and intervene in time. This prevents unnecessary chemicals and fertilizers being added and will definetly spare you money. Besides, the income per plant will increase if you grow them under these ideal circumstances.