Grow closets with LED

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LED technology has been improving really quickly the last few years. At G-Tools they follow these developments piece by piece and have "state of the art" growing lights in a series of complete grow closets with LED lights integrated.
Growing with LED has a lot of pro's. LED lights are capable of turning more energy into light than other lightsystems. Added to this that LED are available in light spectrums that are absorbable by growing and blooming plants. So that means that you won't be wasting energy that the plant doesn't use. Most of the conventional growing lights produce a lot of warmth. This is a sign of in-efficiency, you would rather have all the used electricity to be absorbed. To drain all this warmth you need big air extractors with fitting carbonfilters, when using LED this won't be necessary. This and the reduced poweruse make the growing closets with LED an interresting alternative.

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