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Terra: Growing using potting soil

Growing using potting soil is a trusted and traditional way of growing, this is why a lot of beginning growers use this method. A charateristic of potting soil is healthy soil life and also adds to the nutrition of the plant. The Canna Terra product line consists of high quality soilmixes and plant nutrition. This product line is meant for both growing in pots and open soil, in and outside.

Aqua: Growing in water

With this way of growing the roots are in direct contact with the water, to keep the plant standing up you could use something like clay granules. This method of growing is mainly used for growing more plants simultaneously. In most cases a circulating system is used in which the nutrient solution streams in a closed loop. Thanks to Canna Aqua nutrition the plant will always get the right amount of nutrition and the pH values are managed automatically.

Coco: growing using cocos

Growing with cocos is trendy, this is partly because it is 100% organic. But besides this cocos has more benefits. For example, it gives more possibilities to guide the nutrition, gives more oxygen to the roots and the fibers hold  moisture very well. The Coco product line is usable for growing in pots and bedding systems, in and outside.

Hydro: Growing on artificial soil

With the Hyrdo product line you'll be growing in a very modern way with for example rock wool. This is a subsoil that doesn't withdraw or add nutrients to the nutrient solution. An example of this is that it's possible to send the amount of nutrition accurately. Moreover, with this way of growing the water is not reused. With this method of growing you control everything yourself!

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