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BioBizz is an organic and 100% biological nutrition series for plants.

When using this nutrition you don't have to keep measuring everything all the time. Pickling the pH is unnecessary. The EC values are not really important either. When you keep yourself to the amount of mililiters that the nutrition scheme says everything should go the right way. The biological fertalizers first have to be converted into something "edible". They won't convert when the plants are not hungry though. This makes giving too much nutrients to your plants almost impossible with BioBizz.

BioBizz Bio Grow grow nutrients

100% sugar beet (molasses) is the basis of this nutrient. BioBizz Bio Grow supports the bacterial flora in all substrates. When the first leaves of your plant start showing you'll begin feeding BioBizz Bio Grow. When you keep feeding till the end you will create a sweet and heavy fruit.

BioBizz Bio Bloom Bloom nutrients

This liquid fertilizer mainly exists out of the substances phosphorus and potassium with a little nitrogen. This bloom nutrient is highly recommendable for the bloom phase.

Biobizz Bio Bloom also exists out of enzymes and amino acids. This will enhance the healthiness of your crops.

BioBizz Fish Mix grow/ leaf nutrient

The odor of this product already tells you which ingredients it has. Grinded fish from the North Sea.

For the sugar production the Fish emulsion is enriched with beet molasses.

Often this grow nutrient is nebulized as leaf nutrition when there's a shortage of nitrogen. The present amino acids make for an accelerated absorbation of the nitrogen.

BioBizz Top Max Bloom booster

For a perfect bloom you can use this bloom booster, for an optimal aborption of phosphorus. The biological bloombooster uses humic acids. This stimulates the absorption.

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic Vitality booster

This bloom stimulator consists out of cold-pressed seaweeds and contains everything necessary to make a strong plant. = resistance against plagues and diseases.

BioBizz Root Juice Rootstimulator

This power rootstimulator consists out of seaweeds, Vulvine acids and humusen.

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