LED grow lights

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LED BREEDER LAMPS REPLACE HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM LAMPS (HPS / SON-T) LED growth and flowering bulbs  are better suited than sodium lamps in multiple situations: 

  • with a lot of light in a small space such as a  grow cabinet
  • for plants that are sensitive to heat and UV
  • reduction of heat emission so less cooling and ventilation required
  • spaces where ventilation is difficult
  • reducing power consumption saves a lot of money
  • lowering the noise level, which means less nuisance

HPS lamps are clear (for our eyes) 
The human eye is very sensitive to yellow and green light (500-600 nm). Sodium lamps produce bright light with a large amount of these colors. This makes them very clear to the human eye, but this blinding light is very misleading, because the plant uses virtually nothing from this clear light (500-600 nm) for  assimilation  (growth). Simply put, yellow and green in sodium lamps are useless wavelengths for plant growth and therefore waste a lot of energy when used.

LED lamps make plants grow better than HPS / SON lamps 
Plants do not use all parts of the spectrum evenly. This is because photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll and carotene absorb light very strongly at certain wavelengths. With LEDs, using the right colors in the right ratio, virtually any desired spectrum can be made for optimum photosynthesis.

The LED spectrum
The spectrum of the LED growth lamps is almost the same as the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll and carotene. The peak of the necessary intensity of LED growth lamps also coincides with the peak of photosynthesis. Because the spectrum can be tuned for each type of plant, a high growth yield can be obtained. 

Now replace your old lamps with LED 
grow lights Growing crops will never be the same as before. LED grow lights are revolutionary in this area. A number of advantages of growing with LED over conventional high-pressure sodium lamps are listed below.