G-Tools Grow Closet

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With a very handy, extensive G-tools grow cabinet you have the best materials at home to make growing herbs, vegetables and other plants at home a great success. Because how nice is it to be able to grow your own fruit and vegetables at home?

The G-tools grow cabinets are made of the best materials and meet the NEN 1010 and NEN 3140 safety standards. Because safety comes first, of course, so reassuring.

And in addition to that good safety, the G-tools grow cabinets in combination with your green fingers also give the best yields. With the help of the intelligent air inlet system and the removal of warm air, which all Gtools grow cabinets have, healthy plants grow in your own grow cabinet.

These handy G-tools air inlets ensure a constant flow of fresh and CO2-rich air past your plants. The air inlets ensure that air can enter the cabinet and at the same time prevent light from escaping from the cabinet.

In addition, it also prevents unwanted plant and plant nutrient smells from escaping from the cabinet. This is because the warm air that the grow lamp creates is first filtered through a carbon filter and only then blown out of the cabinet. As a result, no unwanted odors will come out.

We supply the G-tools grow cabinets in combination with various types of lighting such as HPS, LED and CMH and most cabinets are assembled within an hour. So you can quickly get started with your indoor cultivation in the Gtools grow cabinet.

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