OCR Co2 Growtents

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(OCR®) CO2 tents, with their clever designs, quality materials and high level of finish, are the best that is currently available in the market. The OCR tents consist of a robust metal structure and high-quality, lightweight canvas covered with an extremely reflective silver coating that significantly increases the light intensity on the inside (diamond reflection). The canvas has effective resistance to tearing, it is heat, oil, grease and moisture resistant, and it can be washed, both on the inside and on the outside. Every OCR tent features a double floor, i.e. it includes the rigid, water-tight drip tray made from robust 0.6 mm PVC foil.

Every tent has several doors, inlet and outlets for ventilation and electricity cables and ventilation grilles at the bottom that can be closed or opened, and that all feature light-tight zippers. This prevents the tent from letting any light in or out. An OCR tent is quick and easy to erect. Needless to say, the tent always comes with easy-to-understand assembly instructions. The clever design makes OCR tents easy to link together and they are perfectly compatible with the OCL XXL Series lighting scheme.