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Plagron nutrition is one of the "A-brands" when it comes to substrates, plant nutrition and additives. Plagron is easy to use and gives the effect you want, this makes it an ideal product for both beginning and experienced growers. The nutritional supplements from Plagron are not high concentrated and give a high yield/ harvest and a pleasant odor. To make it easier for you to find the necessities for your cultivation Plagron nutrition has devided their nutrition in five different categories.

-100% natural (green label)

-100% terra (pink label)

-100% coco (orange label)

-100% hydro (blue label)

-universal (purple label)

So if you want to do your cultivation biological Plagron has the 100% natural categorie. Plagron nutrition is known for being natural. For example as substrate Plagron Promix or Allmix combined with Alga Grow and Alga Bloom as basic nutrition. To make the soil life even lighter and more powerful you could use one of the universal additives Plagron Megaworm.

Plagron Alga Bloom and Plagron Alga Grow are basic nutrients on algae base. Alga Bloom is good for the bloom period and will cause your plants to have a floriferous. Alga Grow is a biological basic nutrient for during the grow phase of the plant and causes an even grow and root development. Alga Grow ensures a strong base so the plant can bloom strong in a later phase.

Plagron Terra Bloom and Plagron Terra Grow are concentrated biological mineral nutrients for starting and experienced growers. Terra Bloom ensures a high fertilization during the bloom phase of your plants, which in turn causes many strong fruits to grow.

Plagron Green Sensation is a particularly powerful booster that will guarantee a high yield/ harvest. Green Sensation contains all the needed nutrients for the last four to six weeks of the bloom phase and makes the plant stronger.