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GHE Bioponic Mix 100 gram

GHE Bioponic Mix 100 gram

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GHE Bioponic Mix 100 gram

In soil use BioSevia alone, and apply every watering (2 ml / L). If you wish to improve matter breakdown and achieve better results, you can add some BM to it.

How to manage the micro-organisms?
But in hydroponics BioSevia must be used in conjunction with BM which is needed to reproduce, in the nutritive solution, the soil's natural degradation process.

There are 2 possibilities:

  • On humid substrate like coco fibre, rockwool or perlite : Simply add BM directly on the substrate.
  • On bare roots or in draining substrate like clay pebbles or lava rocks: Use the biofilter, which will give your micro-organisms the right environment to live in and develop.

Apply 10 g/100 L of nutritive solution. Add every 6 to 8 weeks.

Wherever they are, in a biofilter or directly in the substrate, the micro-organisms will happily thrive as long as their environment is oxygenated and humid. It is imperative, to guarantee a good development, to avoid all sudden changes, especially in temperature and pH levels. The more and happier your BMs are, the better your plants will be fed.

Important notice : a significant drop in pH is an alarm signal that indicates the death of a large quantity of micro-organisms. In this case, it is important to find the cause, treat it and replace with new BM.

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GHE Bioponic Mix 100 gram