Atami Rokzbastic 325ml

Atami Rokzbastic 325ml


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Atami Rokzbastic 325ml

Rokzbastic is an excellent blend of minerals and biostimulants designed to keep your plants growing vigorously and productively. Provide firmer, heavier and more compact flowers and fruits thanks to the unique PK value of 10-20, which distinguishes it from other liquid bloom products on the market.

Rokzbastic offers a P:K ratio of 1:2. This high concentration of potassium especially supports plants with a longer flowering phase. The 10-20 PK value is crucial for the formation of denser and firmer flowers and fruits. In addition, Rokzbastic contains 1% iron and other essential elements that support various plant processes.

Like its relative Bloombastic, Rokzbastic contains a very low level of dietary fiber (sodium and chlorine).


Rokzbastic is a versatile food product that is suitable for various fruits and vegetables, specially developed for plants with a long flowering period or a high potassium requirement such as peppers, peppers, citrus fruits and red tomatoes. It can also be used for ornamental plants with large flowers (e.g. hibiscus, roses or orchids). Experienced growers can determine the required dosage per plant based on NPK values. Suitable for cultivation in hydroponics, coco, soil and both manual and automatic irrigation systems.


Use during the fruiting and ripening phase during the last 4 to 6 weeks of flowering, together with your basic nutrition. Rokzbastic can be combined with Bloombastic to enhance the stimulating effect on the flowering phase, increase yield and weight of the crop and intensify natural aromas and flavours. Use it immediately after Bloombastic to maximize the effect of both products. Always consider the EC of your nutrient solution when combining products with a high PK content, as over-fertilization is possible.


0.5 - 1 ml per liter of water. Increases the E.C. value of your basic nutrient solution.

HP 10-20W/W

AVAILABLE IN 325 ML, 1250 ML, 5.5 L, 10 L

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Atami Rokzbastic 325ml