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400 watt lights

400 watt growlights

The spectral distribution of Lucalox® HO ensures optimal growth that simultaneously shorter rebuild times are involved in lower costs for chemical fertilizers. 

The Vialox Osram NAV-T SUPER 4Y are clear tubular high pressure sodium and have a long service life. It is possible to use this source to dimmen.

The Sylvania Groxpress 400 watt is really a flower bulb, so more red in light in the spectrum. Very suitable for the final phase (flowering phase) of the plant.

The Sylvania 400W Grolux SHP-TS is a high-pressure sodium lamp super optimizing the red / blue output of the light spectrum of essential importance for the growth of plants.
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Of course light is  an essential part of any growing room and can’t be missed. At online Top Garden we offer a selection of different 400 watt lamps of different brands. We sell Lumatek, Osram and Sylvania. Take a look at our bulbs. Do you need more watts? You can always look further on our website for example at our 600 Watt lamps