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The new K3 XL 600 is a fact. Although the old K3 L600 was already a particularly good LED grow light, Kind Led does add a little extra with the new K3s.

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It took a while but now (and we will write in summer 2019) the time has come: the new K3 XL 600 is a fact. Although the old K3 L600 was already a particularly good LED grow light, Kind Led does add a little extra with the new K3s. Most improvements are especially noticeable for your plants because those improvements have to do with light distribution and light quality. But let's start with the appearance.

The most striking external difference is at the bottom of the lamps in the K3 XL series. For all three models, we see a rectangle in the middle with no LED diodes. The lack of LEDs in that area is related to the need to keep the number of hotspots that an LED grow lamp projects onto the grow surface as small as possible. In combination with the recalibrated secondary optical lenses, the absence of LED diodes in the center ensures a very even light distribution over the growing surface without hot spots. Compared to the old K3 series, the bottom plate of the new K3s looks a lot tighter.

In addition to the external changes, a number of important other points have also been changed. The LED diodes used in the LED grow lights in K3 XL series are of the newest generation. The UV diodes in particular have been improved, so that your plants form fruits that are more flavorful than before. Moreover, the further refined 12-band spectrum results in a significantly higher flower density and a harvest that is correspondingly lush.

The new secondary optical lenses are briefly mentioned above. Through a refined calibration of these lenses, a greatly improved radiation profile has been achieved. In combination with the new distribution of the LED diodes in the base plate, this enables a light penetration of up to 200% between the foliage. In addition, a particularly even light distribution is the result.

The K3 XL series is basically developed with the hobby and home growers in mind. However, the technology and the light quality meet all the professional and commercial requirements that a grower could place on an LED grow light. This not only applies to light quality but also to issues such as power consumption, service life and quality.

The K3 XL series. 3 Excellent LED grow lights that are well worth the money.


  • Adjustable spectrum: No
  • Dimensions: 71 x 33 x 7.6 cm
  • Burning hours: 50,000+
  • Dimmable: No.
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Weight: 10.8 kg
  • HPS equivalent: 600W
  • Cooling: Active
  • Minimum distance to the plant: 67 cm
  • Spectrum: Full Cycle
  • Power consumption: 320W
  • Footprint: 91 x 121 cm
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