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K3 L600 LED kweeklamp VEGETATOR

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The KIND LED L600 Vegetator is developed for plants that only have to grow and do not have to bloom. 

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K3 L600 LED kweeklamp VEGETATOR

The KIND LED L600 Vegetator is developed for plants that only have to grow and do not have to bloom. During the vegatative state, plants mainly need blue light, a little green, white and just a little bit of red. Therefore, the Vegetator has far less red diodes and more blue and green diodes than the 'normal' L600. The Vegetator does also have UV and infrared diodes, just like its brother. The color spectrum of the Vegetator is perfectly adjusted to the demands of a plant in vegetative state and therefore, the Vegetator is the most powerful and effective lightsource for plants that only have to grow. The result of growing under the KIND LED L600 Vegetator is a healthy, lush plant with short internodes and lots of branches.


  • Power consumption: 320 Watt
  • Comparible with:  600 Watt HPS
  • Advised height: at least 60 cm above the canopy*
  • Footprint: 90x120 cm (with height mentioned above)
  • Lifespan: + 50.000 hours
  • Weight: 9.1 kilogram
  • Dimensions: 64x28x8 cm

* The advised height is the recommended minimum height you need to obtain, measured from the top of the plant. Because this Vegetator grow light is meant for plants in vegetative state only, you can easily hang the grow light al little higher. Plants in vegetative state do not need as much light intensity as plants in bloom do and besides, if you hang your grow light a little higher, it will cover more space. To protect your growing plants from all forms of stress, we advise that you use LED Protect from the beginning of the cycle.

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