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Hans Panel

Hans Panel
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Hans Panel

The led lamps 'Hans Panels' have been on the market for more than 10 years! The Hans Panels have proven to be extremely efficient and are well priced. The led panels come from own soil and are mounted in Amsterdam.

The power of the Hans Panels LED cultivation lamps is in the reflector panel and in the Cree led lamps. Cree's LEDs are among the best in the world, and in addition, the light output of these Cree leds is on average 30% higher than with competing lamps.

The panel incorporating the leds consists of two types of reflectors radiating the light at an angle of 106 and 123 degrees. The 2 reflectors combine to create a perfectly even light pattern. The large angle at which the reflectors emit the light make it possible to hang the panel close to the crop, up to 10 cm! This makes the Hans Panels ideal for use in low spaces. The open reflectors are not covered by a glass plate, so no light is filtered off. Well, be sure to spray with water.

Growth / bloom phase

The Hans Panel breeding lamps are suitable for both the growth and the flowering phase. With a switch on the panel it can be put on the growth or bloom position. In the growth phase, only the white and blue LEDs are turned on and the panel consumes only half of the wattage. During the growth phase and during the first two weeks of flowering, the lamp can be used in this position. After this phase, the lamp can be set to the blossom and the red LEDs are also turned on. In this mode the lamp consumes the maximum wattage. With the built-in dimmer, the leds can be dimmed if desired, which also reduces power consumption.