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Canna Terra Flores 10ltr

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V6085 - 2807
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V6085 - 2807

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Geschikt voor medium
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CANNA CURE is a growth stimulator with the special property that it is also effective in an environmentally friendly way to control pests on the plant.

The spider mites is a 0.5 mm wide, yellow-brown mite with two dark green spots on the flanks, who lives on plant juices. 

Fish-Mix is ​​an "organic soup" of an emulsion of edible fish that is enriched with stimulating microbial. The plants are very fond of this enriched soup.

The BAC Air-sock ensures an even distribution force of the incoming air. This ensures that all plants get fresh air and no differences arise in the climate of your grow room.
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Maximize your harvest!Canna Terra Flores can't be missed while fertilising your crops. Using Terra Flores from Canna in the flowering period helps to boost the development from your flowers.