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Plagron 100% Coco

Plagron 100% Coco

Hydro A & B can be used in the growing and flowering stage of the plant. Highly concentrated bio-based mineral nutrition, These two components of liquid fertilizer contains all the trace elements in a high quality...

Plagron PK 13-14 is organic fertilizer which includes phosphorus and potassium, and gives them to the plants in the flowering stage.
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Growing on Cocos offers many benefits to your crops, such as the light weight, excellent drainage and airiness that ensures a healthy root system. Because it is a much airy substrate, it keeps less nutrients. To meet the demand of your plants, the 100% Coco has been developed. Plagron offers the following series for your breeding on Coconut:

- The Plagron A & B Cocos, a basic nutrition.
- The Plagron Cocos Brix, a substrate based on Cocos fibers.
- The Plagron Cocos Premium, a fine substrate based on Cocos gravel and fibers.
- The Plagron Cocos Slab, a stable and pure substrate.
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