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No Mercy Sweet Jane 1 1ltr


For the first half of the flowering period Sweet Jane 1 (NPK 7-7-7)
For the second half of the sweet Jane 2 flowering period (NPK 2-4-9)
(It is therefore not a 2-component A and B power supply)

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In Stock

No Mercy Sweet Jane 1 1ltr

Why 2 feedings for the flowering period?
Because the nutritional needs of the plant during flowering are not always the same, the NPK ratio expires.
In the first weeks of flowering, plants grow and then no longer, a big difference.
This also applies to nutritional requirements.

A feeding schedule for ground is in fact very difficult to give because in many cases it has very little to do with the practical situation.
Indeed, there are far too many variable factors.
Just think, for example, of differences in the amount of soil used per plant, one grower 5 liters and the other 15 liters, which results in a completely different feeding schedule, and then again the composition of the soil, which is also different everywhere is and so on.

So no feeding schedule, but instead a number of important things to pay attention to when feeding in the practical situation:
When the temperature rises, the dosage must be reduced because the plant will then absorb more water.
A high nutrient dose combined with a high temperature can produce burnt plants.
Reduce the dosage with slow-growing, stagnant or diseased plants.
More soil means less feeding.
Take into account the EC value of the land you start with when you start feeding.

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