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Elixer Root Stimulator 500 ml


Elixer Root Stimulator is a combination of a growth stimulator and a root stimulator.

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Elixer Root Stimulator 500 ml

Elixir Root Stimulator is a combination of a growth stimulator and a root stimulator, it is a concentrated and complete mix of organically active substances that all have a function in root development and growth. Elixer Carrot Stimulator combines as many active substances as possible in 1 product, so that a separate product does not have to be developed per 1 active substance, this gives the product a powerful stimulating effect and makes the range well-arranged.

Elixir Root Stimulator contributes to a rapid root formation with more hair roots, it is also a direct stimulus of the growth processes and has a positive effect on soil life.


  • Humic acids
  • Amino acids
  • Fulvic acids
  • Organic nitrogen
  • Specific biomass


  • Use Elixer Carrot Simulator as a supplement in addition to the basic diet (NPK), no fertilizer needs to be used on pre-fertilized soil
  • The pre-growing phase can be shortened by using Elixer Root Stimulator
  • Use a dose of 100 ml per 100 liters of water from the pre-growing phase until the first week of the flowering phase
  • Shake well before use
  • After adding the growth food, determine the EC value, then only add the Elixir Root Stimulator.
  • Completely organic: Beware when using fine irrigation systems, because organic products can cause these to clog, so always use a product that keeps the irrigation system clean with a drip system
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