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What is ecolizer?

Ecolizer is a natural product line that stimulates the grow and bloom optimally. The assmortment consists out of basis nutritions, bio stimulators, and crop protection. The bio stimulators made by Ecolizer are perhaps the strongest on the world.The people behind Ecolizer have years of experience and knowledge in the biological market.

What makes Ecolizer so healthy for your plants?

Next to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen a plant also needs macro elements such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfer and calcium. Micro, or trace elements boron, copper, manganese, iron and zinc are also indispensable. The secret behind the powerful effect of Ecolizer is in the balanced mix of the macro and spore elements for every grow phase.

How biological is Ecolizer?

When choosing Ecolizer you choose for a biological responsible grow method. Ecolizer products are 100% made of pure natural ingredients. They don't affect the pH or Ec and are delivered in practical, light blocking and enviromentally friendly packages.

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