Dutch Pro plant nutrition from Amsterdam

Dutch Pro

It has already been a few decades since Dutch Pro started manufacturing plant nutrition and plant stumulators in Amsterdam. It didn't take long before the Explode final booster made by Dutch Pro became well known in Amsterdam.
Breeding Dutch Pro provides a healthy and vital crop, delicious fresh

Not too many bottles, the "old school Amsterdam method". Dutch pro likes to keep it simple.

Dutch Pro's nutritions are less concentrated than what we're used to. You'll be using quite a bit of it. Dutch pro's reason for doing this is so that they can put plenty of calcium and magnesium in the basic nutrition. This is not possible in a stronger concentrated. The benefit is clear, no hassle with too much bottles and grow schedules.

The basic nutrition is 100% mineral. Use A&B grow or A&B bloom basis for soil, cocos or hydro.

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