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CannaCure 5ltr Concentraat


CANNA CURE is a growth stimulator with the special property that it is also effective in an environmentally friendly way to control pests on the plant.

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Canna Cure Concentrate 5ltr

Effective against pests

CANNA CURE is a growth stimulator with the special property that it is also effective in an environmentally friendly way to control pests on the plant. By using CANNA CURE, the plant can concentrate on producing larger flowers and a higher yield during the entire crop to harvest.

CANNA's Research Laboratory has thus created a unique product with multiple functions:

it is effective against pests by environmental friendly physical features
it should allow nutrients through the leaves and keep the plant as in optimal condition
physical functioning

By injecting CANNA CURE you apply a second layer to your natural plant. This will ensure that the plant receives nutrients, while they also can still breathe. In addition, the stickiness of the layer ensures that plagues sticking. Note This allows the plagues the magazine no longer attack and die because they no food can get more. It is therefore important that the leaves are both at the top and bottom sprayed.

use Advice

Once weekly preventive use CANNA CURE ensures that plagues as spider mites, aphids, mealybugs and whiteflies can not affect you. Plant If your plant is already affected, use CANNA CURE than to expel the plague. Repeated one time spray every 3 days is sufficient to tackle the scourge, and to ensure that it disappears. Also get the fungal blight in this way no chance.

CANNA CURE can be used from the beginning of growth until harvest and is suitable for both edible and ornamental plants. By using CANNA CURE during the entire crop will prevent pests just before the harvest even get a chance to develop.

Availability of nutrients

CANNA CURE makes and keeps your plant healthy, clean and shiny. This provides for an optimum photosynthesis. This way you can plant to focus on its fruits and flowers. Combined with CANNABOOST are formed faster and better quality fruits and flowers. The availability of nutrients for your plants is very important to achieve good results. CANNA ensures the availability of these nutrients when using CANNA CURE with CANNABOOST Accelerator, PK 13/14 and the regular CANNA feeding.

Provides optimal resistance

CANNA CURE makes sure you plant enough energy levels is available to fend off. Teasing with the other CANNA nutrients and additives Mixing different brands of nutrients can endanger the health of your plant at risk. This can result in a shortage of plant energy which diseases are more likely to strike at crucial moments.

Better growth and protection

CANNA CURE is not a pesticide, but there are properties. The product is biodegradable and can be administered. Without protective clothing By using CANNA CURE you are not only assured of a good culture with high results also harms the environment and your own health is not. 

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