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Wilco Carbonfilter 500m3



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L4004 - 0611
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Wilco Carbonfilter 500m3

- Capacity: 500 m3.
- Flange: 125 Ø.
- Height: 500 mm.
- Diameter filte r 145 mm.
- Filter makes use of a carbon with a low density.
- Filter has many more channels than the air filter with a high density.
- Filtering capacity of granules with low density are much larger than those with a high density.

Wilco Carbon Filters use a new technology to market.

Namely Wilco Carbon Filters use low-density carbon. This has a structure completely different than the hitherto conventional cabbage. The coal which is used in the word Wilco Carbon filters have namely about many more pores compared to the coal up to now used in filters.

The low density granules have thus a larger filter capacity, it takes time before they are saturated and are ideally suited for use in a warm humid environment.
After production, each filter is packed in an airtight plastic sheath and a sturdy cardboard box with handles.

Many plants produce a strong pungent odor during flowering.
The suction causes the hot air get away. Out of the grow room In order to avoid odor nuisance, it is necessary to use a filter. Generally one uses carbon filters.
Carbon is a metal cylinder filled with activated carbon. Carbon has the ability to take. Fragrances per se

The smell of the plant passes through the carbon layer and comes out from odorless.

The extractor sucks the warm odorless air buiten.Een good charcoal is very important for indoor growing. Since the active carbon particles into force decreases as the time it is recommended to replace a filter after 3 times.

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L4004 - 0611

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